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The ALPO-Japan (Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers in Japan) was founded in 1959.

The ALPO-Japan is formed for the observation and research of the planets, and keeps the Planetary Archives of drawings, photographs and images.

What's New

2019/12/24 ALPO-Japan server system renewed

2019/04/11 Removed "South-up" from our policy

2008/01/20 Renew the TOP page

Submit planetary images to us

We hope that you will send your planetary images to us.

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Most of the pages are in Japanese, but you can browse our images with English in the observation pages.

There are an increasing number of reporters upgrading telescopes 
and there are also many reporters using multiple telescopes, 
so updating the reporter's telescope data is difficult. 
Therefore, omit the information on the telescope from the title for each reporter.

A Brief History of the ALPO Japan

Brief History of ALPO-Japan(PDF)


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