ALPO-Japan: Jupiter Section (August 13, 2000)


忍穂井幸夫、新川勝仁、Damian Peach
Y.Oshihoi, M.Niikawa, D.Peach

August 13, 2000(UT)

新たに掲載されたSTBsの暗斑が見られます。大赤斑の前方のSTrZ bandが細く伸びている様子が新川氏の画像でとらえられています。


Damian Peach (305mm Meade SCT, Drawing)
No. 3 2000/08/13 04:00(UT)
I=106.7 II=168.9 III=110.3

D.A. Peach, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK.
12" (30.5cm) Meade SCT.
Magnification: 406X. 
Filters: No Filters.

Seeing very variable (1-7.) 
Frequent periods of fast high altitude turbulence.
Transparency variable, with frequent high haze/low 
clouds (cloud - 5.0mag.)
Light S wind (0 - 5mph.) No Dew.
Observation comments:
Very variable seeing and transparency caused problems, though there were a few short periods of fair - good seeing during which the most detail was seen. Seeing was slightly better during the Saturn observation.

Earlier in the session the GRS was observed at the f. limb. The dark material on its f. edge was briefly seen with the W#21 filter.

STB DS#2 was easily observed, though DS#1 eluded observation due to medicore seeing. A faint STB was also seen.

The EZ appeared less active than at the longitudes L1-180. Faint projections were seen, as was a bright area in the EZ(S.) NEBn appeared dark, with a bright bay and two possible barges (they appeared more as projections in the NTrZ.) NTB dark. Bright S3TZ.

Yukio Oshihoi (250mm Refractor, Digital still camera NIKON COOLPIX 910)
No. 19 2000/08/13 19:46:18(UT)
I=323.6 II= 20.8 III=303.6
Nakagwa Science Center
250mm Refractor, NIKON COOLPIX 910

Masahito Niikawa (280mm SC, Digital still camera Minolta DimageEx1500)
No. 35 2000/08/13 19:58:58(UT) I=331.3 II= 28.4 III=330.0
4 frames composite

Telescope : C11 (SC) D=280mm fl=2800mm Camera :Minolta DimageEx1500 Digital Camera taking lens removed Effective F No.: 25 (XP24mm Eyepiece Projection) Filter: IR cut & Low-pass built-in the camera : Mozuhonmachi Sakai-City Osaka Japan Exposure : 1/8 sec Analog gain:6dB Seeing:5/10 Transparency=2/6

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