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Clyde Foster:Centurion,South Africa 2016/03/28

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Clyde Foster(355mm SCT)

2nd anniversary 28 March 2016

A bit of an "anniversary" for me tomorrow. Two years ago I installed the 14" in my observatory. It replaced my 12" LX200, and also coincided with an upgraded motorised rolloff roof structure. This triggered my serious interest in astro-imaging, and more specifically my interest in Mars imaging. I believe my first contact with Richard at the BAA was sometime in May 2014. Shortly after that I started interacting with Roger and Jim at ALPO, and in September 2014 I discovered the CMO and started submitting images, and also interacting with Reiichi Konnai, who has made a number of interesting commentaries on my images. Submissions to ALPO Japan have been more recent. In between I have had input from Christophe and Marc to help me along the way which has been very much appreciated. Its been quite a journey already, but hopefully just the start of a much longer journey. It is my wish that at some stage I will have the opportunity of meeting you all personally. I have sent through a few images before, but I attach a few of the observatory to celebrate the anniversary. [Clyde Foster:Centurion,South Africa]

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