Jupiter,May 22 GRS Alert by A.Sanchez

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Jupiter,May 22 GRS Alert by A.Sanchez

Jupiter,May 22 GRS Alert by A.Sanchez
Owesome image, Anthony! Certainly, the GRS is suffering a strong
interaction with the trapped flow that circulates in a kind of channel
around it within the "great eye" (that surrounds it). I pass an
interpretation of the possible flow on an image of M. Justice on the
19th May. Notice that the arrows only indicate the flow direction, not
intensity of the wind (they are not measurements!).

Dr. Clay>>This RGB suggests that the GRS is over-riding the belt(s) ahead of it in its
Dr. Clay>>rotational constant.  I am wondering if anyone has accurately measured the rotational
Dr. Clay>>period of the GRS in the past month and can compare it to the norm.  The distortion
Dr. Clay>>that is showing in both Anthony's RGB and CH4 images appears to be overflowing gases
Dr. Clay>>that perhaps are emanating from the belt(s) ahead, with some outflow swinging south
Dr. Clay>>of the GRS across the hollow perimeter, and flowing out behind the GRS in the
Dr. Clay>>interesting "tail" feature.  I am not at all confident that any of this material is
Dr. Clay>>actually from the GRS itself and this newest image supports that it is an upheaval of
Dr. Clay>>material/gas that is preceding the GRS.  The GRS Hollow has become so large in recent
Dr. Clay>>months that perhaps there is significant increase within the forces of the hollow
Dr. Clay>>itself and we are maybe missing the actual source of this apparent disruption by not
Dr. Clay>>examining the hollow and it perimeter.  Such an interesting transformation....I have
Dr. Clay>>seen the GRS go from small to large, to vivid red followed by near-invisibility, but
Dr. Clay>>never such interesting morphological change as we are seeing now.

"Note from the ALPO-Japan operator; Said reference image taken by M. Justice was not 19th May but 17th May caused by an incorrect posting.
[ Albert Sanchez : Barcelona-Spain]

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