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Mars Image 2020/11/13(UT)
鈴木邦彦,佐藤康明,皆川伸也,阿久津富夫,森田光治,柚木健吉,鶴海敏久,三品利郎,荒川 毅,石橋力,井上 修,黒田瑞穂,熊森照明,青木和夫,薄出敏彦,中野雄吉,伊藤了史,西岡達志,安達 誠,鈴木 隆,尾崎公一
Christopher Go,Clyde Foster,Manos Kardasis,Niall MacNeill,Chris Nuttall,Du Jin Kim,Kolovos Dimitris,Damian Peach
K.Suzuki,Y.Sato,Christopher Go,N.Minagawa,T.Akutsu,M.Morita,K.Yunoki,T.Tsurumi,T.Mishina,T.Arakawa,T.Ishibashi,O.Inoue,M.Kuroda,T.Kumamori,K.Aoki,T.Usude,C.Foster,Kardasis,N.MacNeill,C.Nuttall,Y.Nakano,D_J.Kim,S.Ito,T.Nishioka,Kolovos,M.Adachi,D.Peach,T.Suzuki,K.Ozaki

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Kunihiko Suzuki

[Kunihiko Suzuki : Yokohama-city Kanagawa-Prefecture Japan]
≪神奈川県  横浜市  鈴木邦彦≫

Yasuaki Sato


[Sagamihara-shi Kanagawa-prefecture Japan]
≪神奈川県相模原市  佐藤康明≫

Christopher Go
What a difference one day makes.  The dust storm at Chryse has spilled over to Valles Marineris,
the longest canyon in the solar system!  Note the bright spot at Juventae Fons.

[Christopher Go : Cebu Philippines]

Nobuya Minagawa

≪東京都  立川市  皆川伸也≫[Nobuya Minagawa:Tokyo Japan]

Tomio Akutsu

≪茨城県 : 阿久津富夫≫

Mitsuji Morita

≪滋賀県守山市  森田光治≫[Mitsuji Morita:Siga Japan]


[Kenkichi Yunoki  (Sakai City,Japan)]
≪大阪府  堺市  柚木健吉≫

Toshihisa Tsurumi

≪岡山県岡山市  鶴海敏久≫[Toshihisa Tsurumi:Okayama-City Okayama-Prefecture Japan]


≪神奈川県  横浜市  三品利郎≫[Toshirou.Mishina:Kanagawa Japan]

Tsuyoshi Arakawa
かなり早い時間から撮影を始めたもののシーイングが悪すぎ、ようやく落ち着 いてきたのは南中頃になってからでした。ダストの入り込みで谷の形がよく判ります。

≪奈良県奈良市  荒川 毅≫[Tsuyoshi Arakawa:Nara Japan]

Tutomu Ishibashi

(Tutomu-Ishibashi Kanagawa-P Japan)
≪神奈川県  相模原市  石橋力≫

Osamu Inoue

≪大阪府  枚方市  井上  修≫[Osamu Inoue. Hirakata-shi,Osaka,Japan]

Mizuho Kuroda

≪黒田瑞穂 : 兵庫県 太子町≫[Mizuho Kuroda : Taishi Hyogo Japan]

Teruaki Kumamori

≪大阪府堺市 熊森照明≫[Teruaki Kumamori:Ohsaka Japan]

Kazuo Aoki

[青木和夫:東京都世田谷区][Kazuo Aoki:Tokyo Japan]


≪ 大阪府  枚方市 薄出敏彦≫[Toshihiko-Usude: Ohsaka Japan]

Clyde Foster
With the latest fascinating dust developments in Valles Marineris (Great work by Ethan,Seb,Niall and Chris that I have seen so far),
I had a crack at Mars in daylight conditions and at low altitude to try and catch the western extremities of VM.
Unsurprisingly,the IR is best,and might have caught the brightening right against the limb.
Hoping to get some better views over the coming days,as long as it hangs around for me!

[Clyde Foster:Centurion,South Africa]

Manos Kardasis
we had very poor conditions with instability and/or clouds .
Last night I captured Mars very high in the sky in unstable conditions but the altitude helped me produce a decent result.
The SPC remnant still exist in the southern mid-summer. Lot of clouds are present visible in the blue channel.

[Manos Kardasis,Glyfada-Athens;Greece]
《カーダシス マノス:ギリシャ アテネ》

Niall MacNeill
A regional dust storm is apparent,which started in the Sinus Aurorae and is now flowing along the chasm of the Vallis Marineris

[Niall MacNeill : Wattle Flat,NSW,Australia]

Chris Nuttall
Conditions were really not very good,however it was the first gap in over a week; beggars can't be choosers.〓
SPC appeared smaller than on the 5th,〓〓
NPH bright bluish white with a hard Southern edge. Some misty Southward expansions from the NPH boundary on the morning side of the disc.〓〓
Morning cloud appeared extensive,dull and grey.〓〓
Terminator projections around Hellas and the area to its South were〓suspected more than once,but they came and went with the seeing,generally appearing stronger in worse〓seeing,I therefore concluded they were contrast effects and did not draw them.〓〓
Evening mist was bright bluish white,extending〓onto the disc somewhat〓to the North〓and South of Mare Sirenum.〓〓
Dusky markings in the North noted in the vicinity of Cerberus -Trivium Charontis,and〓Nodus Laocoontis,〓Elysium subtly less dusky between them.〓

[Chris Nuttall : York,UK]

Yuukichi Nakano

≪大分県大分市 中野雄吉≫
[Yuukichi Nakano : Ohita-Ohoita prefecture Japan]

Du Jin Kim
Dust storm outbreak of Mars. moderate seeing and clear sky.
These images show somewhat  yellowish and bright  lesion in the area of Aurorae Sinus and Chryse and to Valles Marineris.

[Du Jin Kim,South Korea]

Satoshi Ito

≪愛知県  春日井市  伊藤了史≫[Satoshi Ito. Kasugai City,Aichi,Japan]

Tatsushi Nishioka

<<神奈川県  藤沢市  西岡達志>>[Tatsushi Nishioka. Fujisawa-city,Kanagawa,Japan]

Kolovos Dimitrios

[Kolovos Dimitrios,Athens Greece]

Makoto Adachi

≪滋賀県  大津市  安達  誠≫[Makoto Adachi:Siga Japan]

Damian Peach
Poor to fair seeing. Syrtis Major/Hellas on view.

[Damian Peach: Loudwater,Buckinghamshire,United Kingdom]

Takashi Suzuki

[Takashi  Suzuki  (Hachiouji-City Tokyo  Japan)]
≪東京都八王子市  鈴木  隆≫

Kimikazu Ozaki

[Ki.Ozaki,Sobue Inazawa Aichi JAPAN]
≪愛知県稲沢市祖父江町  尾崎公一≫

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