Jupiter 05/22 Methane Bright EZ feature(MAP) by S.Mizumoto

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Jupiter 05/22 Methane Bright EZ feature(MAP) by S.Mizumoto

Jupiter 05/22 Methane Bright EZ feature(MAP) by S.Mizumoto
---  from the mail ---
Christopher Go>>The most interesting feature is in the methane band.  
Christopher Go>>Note the very bright feature on the EZ on the right edge!  
Christopher Go>>Something seems to be brewing there to have such high altitude clouds on the EZ.

JOHN ROGERS>>Indeed that's a remarkable feature. It's also well shown in Niall's images 2 hours earlier.
JOHN ROGERS>>There were precursors of it a few days ago. 
JOHN ROGERS>>As it happens, I had just assembled the attached set of methane images of this region 
JOHN ROGERS>>(to which Niall's has now been added) because they showed waves along the S edge of the ochre, 
JOHN ROGERS>>methane-bright EB, resembling the waves last year that were stationary in L3. 
JOHN ROGERS>>Your methane-bright feature seems to combine one of these waves in the EZ(S) with that unusual curved feature in EZ(N);
JOHN ROGERS>> both are indeed near-stationary in L3 between May 17 & 22, 
JOHN ROGERS>> despite being clearly within the latitudes of the equatorial current. 
JOHN ROGERS>> Whether the methane-bright patches on the equator are also stationary in L3, 
JOHN ROGERS>> or moving with L1 (as expected, and as observed last year), remains to be seen.

JOHN ROGERS>> Shinji, many thanks for your set of maps: do you have them also in L3?
JOHN ROGERS>> Further methane-band imaging of this region will be very important in the coming days!

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