Re:Jupiter,May 22 RGB,GRS disturbance by John H.Rogers

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Re:Jupiter,May 22 RGB,GRS disturbance by John H.Rogers

Re:Jupiter,May 22 RGB,GRS disturbance by John H.Rogers
Thanks for alerting us with that spectacular image.  
I believe the red ebladef on the right (east end) is material from the big blade that arose on or about May 17; 
while part of that blade flowed west as usual, part circulated around the S side of the GRS and has now emerged (just like the previous blade behaved from mid-April to early May, though faster).
We should also bear in mind that disturbance may now be circulating completely around the edge of the GRS,
so the erosion or splitting on the N side, which you pointed out, could be due to one of the earlier disruptions. Recently, in discussions with some of you, I made a sketch showing an hypothesis, which is the attached for those who can receive it.
It suggests how each retrograding ring (anticyclonic vortex), or (more likely) a disorganised remnant of it, draws the red material out of the GRS.
The red arrow is relative to the vortex, which of course is retrograding around the GRS,
so the diagram is not very different from Agustinfs, but I believe the red material is all coming from the GRS, not going into it. Congratulations to you and Clyde and all other observers for the excellent coverage that you are maintaining,
and to Shinji and Marco and Andy for keeping us up to date with maps and animations. I hope you will be able to continue this - and also to cover Junofs PJ20 a week from now! (Message to follow...) best wishes to all, John H. Rogers,Ph.D. Jupiter Section Director, [British Astronomical Association.]

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