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Jupiter Image 2019/05/25(UT)
鈴木邦彦,石橋力,三品利郎,井上 修,佐々木一男,皆川伸也,鈴木 隆,阿久津富夫,小山田博之,堀内 直,山口貴弘,村田孝昭,伊藤了史,遠藤宏次,渡辺義夫,三宅 明,青木和夫,吉田知之,山根 悟,安達 誠
Clyde Foster,Niall MacNeill,Ioannis A. Bouhras,Christopher Go,Anthony Wesley,Joaquin Camarena,Troy Tranter,Istvan Zoltan Foldvari,John Rozakis,Michel Jacquesson,Mike Hood,Andy Casely,Agapios Elia,Darren Ellemor,Manos Kardasis,Paul Maxson
C.Foster,N.MacNeill,I.Bouhras,K.Suzuki,Christopher Go,T.Ishibashi,T.Mishina,Anthony.W,J.Camarena,O.Inoue,K.Sasaki,T.Tranter,N.Minagawa,T.Suzuki,T.Akutsu,F.Istvan-Zoltan,H.Oyamada,J.Rozakis,T.Horiuchi,Michel.J,M.Hood,A.Casely,T.Yamaguchi,T.Murata,A.Elia,S.Ito,K.Endo,D.Ellemor,Y.Watanabe,A.Miyake,K.Aoki,Kardasis,T.Yoshida,P.Maxson,S.Yamane,M.Adachi

Clyde Foster
Frustrating cloudy conditions initially with very poor seeing as the clouds thinned.
The RGB is heavily derotated and I had to push the processing harder than normal.
The IR is interesting. I note the broad dark region of the hollow on the western edge of the GRS,
and am wondering how this ties in with the recent circular appearance of the GRS.
The broad dark region has numerous light spots in it.

I am circulating a CH4 from my session of about two hours ago.
I will process the rest of my data and send in due course,but I suspect that there is some irregularity in the NW(upper left) of the GRS.
Possibly another flake may be forming?
Definitely needs to be monitored.
Just an additional comment:The irregularity may just be due to the leading edge of the latest flake rotating,
but I think it is worth keeping an eye on it.

The best RGB and IR I could get out from last night,to go with the CH4 I have circulated previously.
Unfortunately I had frustrating soft seeing conditions which negatively affected the RGB in particular.
The remains of the large flake can just be made out extending as a thin streamer from the NE corner of the GRS to the STrZ “band”.
The outer dark ring of the GRS appears to be quite thick on the NW edge,with a hint of possible reddish extension.

[Clyde Foster:Centurion,South Africa]

Niall MacNeill
The seeing wasn’t as good as the previous night,but good enough to show the progression of the streamer emanating from the GRS.

[Niall MacNeill : Wattle Flat,NSW,Australia]

Ioannis A. Bouhras
Altitude from Greece is ~29  so imaging Jupiter is a challenge. Average seeing conditions today,transparency was poor also.

[Ioannis A. Bouhras : Peristeri,Athens,Greece]

Kunihiko Suzuki

[Kunihiko Suzuki : Yokohama-city Kanagawa-Prefecture Japan]
≪神奈川県  横浜市  鈴木邦彦≫

Christopher Go
I finally caught the GRS!  The past few days have been exciting with the GRS. 
It has been battered by an SEBn oval and seem to have shrunk in the process.
I had to image early with Jupiter only around 30 deg to get these images. The GRS is setting so I can only get a few details.
Seeing was okay but transparency was very poor when I took the first image! The images improve as Jupiter got higher. The GRS is more circular now. The reddish material with the oval is moving on the p side of the GRS.
Note that this material shows as a bright streak on the IR and CH4 images.
The wake of the GRS shows multiple outbreaks and these are prominent on the methane band images.
The NEB is dark and narrow. [Christopher Go : Cebu Philippines]


(Tutomu-Ishibashi Kanagawa-P Japan)
≪神奈川県  相模原市  石橋力≫


≪神奈川県  横浜市  三品利郎≫[Toshirou.Mishina:Kanagawa Japan]

Anthony Wesley
Hi all,only one very brief window between the clouds last night - just
enough to grab an IR and accompanying green and blue to make this image.
Unfortunately the GRS was well past the centre by that time but this is
the best I could manage,and the only image at all from last night.

The red streamer of material is still visible to lower right,with a
long tenuous connection back to the GRS still faintly there. The top
left of the GRS is starting to look a bit distended as well.

[Anthony Wesley,Murrumbateman Australia]
≪アンソニ  オーストラリア≫

Joaquin Camarena

[Joaquin Camarena:Spain]

Osamu Inoue

≪大阪府  枚方市  井上  修≫[Osamu Inoue. Hirakata-shi,Osaka,Japan]

Kazuo Sasaki

[K.Sasaki:Ohsaki-City Miyagi-Prefecture Japan]
≪宮城県大崎市  佐々木一男≫

Troy Tranter
2019-05-25 (yyyy-mm-dd),12:23.5 UT  CM I  20.8 CM II 306.2 CM III 272.2  Dia = 45.5

[Troy Tranter : Kurri Kurri,N.S.W Australia]

Nobuya Minagawa

≪東京都  立川市  皆川伸也≫[Nobuya Minagawa:Tokyo Japan]

Takashi Suzuki

[Takashi  Suzuki  (Hachiouji-City Tokyo  Japan)]
≪東京都八王子市  鈴木  隆≫

Tomio Akutsu

≪茨城県 : 阿久津富夫≫

Istvan Zoltan Foldvari

[Istvan Zoltan Foldvari : [Budapest,Hungary]

Hiroyuki Oyamada

≪東京都  多摩市 小山田博之≫
[Hiroyuki Oyamada : Takasaki Gumma Japan]

John Rozakis

[John Rozakis,Athens Greece]

Tadashi Horiuch

《京都府宇治市、堀内直》[T.Horiuchi: Uji- City Kyoto Japan]

Michel Jacquesson

[Michel Jacquesson : Sevigny-Waleppe (Ardennes) France]

Mike Hood
This image of Jupiter was in good seeing for such
a low altitude of 34 degrees.

[Mike Hood : Kathleen Georgia,U.S.A.]

Andy Casely
A brief break in terrible seeing for a look at the GRS just as it rotates away.
The large streamer has detached on the p. side,and there may be the very beginnings of the next one on the n.f. side.

[Andy Casely,Sydney,Australiaa]

Takahiro Yamaguchi

≪静岡県浜松市  山口貴弘≫[Takahiro Yamaguchi : Hamamatsu-City Shizuoka-Prefecture Japan]

Takaaki Murata

≪東京都  国立市  村田孝昭≫[Takaaki Murata: Tokyo Japan]

Agapios Elia
A couple short bursts of fair seeing intermixed with long periods of poor,resulted in these views compiled from 4 mins of data centered on 22:12 & 23:12UT.
Max altitude for these was 32 degrees. Hoping for better conditions soon.

[Agapios Elia : Agia Varvara,Nicosia,Cyprus]

Satoshi Ito

≪愛知県  春日井市  伊藤了史≫[Satoshi Ito. Kasugai City,Aichi,Japan]

Koji Endo

≪埼玉県越谷市 遠藤宏次≫[Koji Endo : Saitama Japan]

Darren Ellemor
This represents 9 x 90s captures de-rotated in WinJUPOS.
The position of Jupiter in the sky was highly unfavourable (low in the sky over high-rise buildings to the west of my location)
and seeing was poor as a result,but the current events with the GRS are so fascinating that I had to try!
The "blade" of orange material is still,amazingly,connected by a thin tendril to the (now broken/fragmented)
band of dark brown cloud returning along the STZ.

[Darren Ellemor : Singapore]

Yoshio Watanabe

≪神奈川県  平塚市  渡辺義夫≫[Yoshio Watanabe. Hiratsuka-city,Kanagawa,Japan]

Akira Miyake

≪三宅 明≫[Akira Miyake:Nasu-Karasuyama,Tochigi,Japan]

Kazuo Aoki

[青木和夫:東京都世田谷区][Kazuo Aoki:Tokyo Japan]

Manos Kardasis

[Manos Kardasis,Glyfada-Athens;Greece]
《カーダシス マノス:ギリシャ アテネ》

Tomoyuki Yoshida

[吉田知之 Tomoyuki Yoshida:Utsunomiya,Tochigi,Japan]

Paul Maxson

[ Paul Maxson:Surprise,Arizona,United States]

Satoru Yamane

≪静岡県富士宮市  山根 悟≫[Satoru Yamane : Fujinomiya-City Shizuoka-Pref. Japan]

Makoto Adachi

≪滋賀県  大津市  安達  誠≫[Makoto Adachi:Siga Japan]

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