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Jupiter Image 2020/05/29(UT)
米山誠一,鈴木邦彦,荒川 毅,三品利郎,井上 修,堀川邦昭,長瀬雅明,安達 誠,石橋力,熊森照明,黒田瑞穂,佐々木一男,西岡達志,阿久津富夫,伊藤了史,小山田博之,菅野清一,尾崎公一
Javier Beltran Jovani,Clyde Foster,Joaquin Camarena,Jose Luis Pereira,Eric Sussenbach,Christopher Go,Michel Jacquesson,Marc Delcroix,Niall MacNeill,Christofer Mauricio Baez Jim,Vlamir da Silva Junior
Javier,C.Foster,J.Camarena,J.Luis,E.Sussenbach,S.Yoneyama,K.Suzuki,T.Arakawa,T.Mishina,Christopher Go,O.Inoue,K.Horikawa,M.Nagase,M.Adachi,T.Ishibashi,T.Kumamori,M.Kuroda,K.Sasaki,T.Nishioka,T.Akutsu,S.Ito,Michel.J,M.Delcroix,H.Oyamada,N.MacNeill,S.Kanno,C.Baez,V.da Silva Jr.,K.Ozaki

Javier Beltran Jovani

[Javier Beltran Jovani:Castellon-Spain]

Clyde Foster
I gave myself a bit of a break by skipping the PJ29 and GRS windows just after midnight in favour of getting a good nights sleep and jumping out of bed at a 5.00am.
It was a short session,but reasonable seeing. Some interesting features in the NEB in this region,not least of all the oval feature almost on the CM.

[Clyde Foster:Centurion,South Africa]

Joaquin Camarena

[Joaquin Camarena:Spain]

Jose Luis Pereira

[Jose Luis Pereira :Sao Caetano do Sul/Sao Paulo/Brasil]

Eric Sussenbach

[Eric Sussenbach : [ Willemstad,Curacao (Dutch Caribbean)]

Seiichi Yoneyama

≪神奈川県横浜市  米山誠一≫[Seiichi Yoneyama:Kanagawa Japan]

Kunihiko Suzuki

[Kunihiko Suzuki : Yokohama-city Kanagawa-Prefecture Japan]
≪神奈川県  横浜市  鈴木邦彦≫

Tsuyoshi Arakawa

≪奈良県奈良市  荒川 毅≫[Tsuyoshi Arakawa:Nara Japan]


≪神奈川県  横浜市  三品利郎≫[Toshirou.Mishina:Kanagawa Japan]

Christopher Go
It rained hard close to midnight.  But the sky cleared a bit after the thunderstorm.
Transparency was very poor while seeing was variable.

The first images show the region which will be Juno's target for PJ27.
The NEB is very active in this region with complex rifts.  The SEB is quiet.

I had a second run after I imaged Saturn. Unfortunately,seeing and transparency was poor.
But the image shows the GRS with an interesting extension on the p side.
Will this part flake off?  The wake of the GRS shows some complex outbreaks.

[Christopher Go : Cebu Philippines]

Osamu Inoue

≪大阪府  枚方市  井上  修≫[Osamu Inoue. Hirakata-shi,Osaka,Japan]

Kuniaki Horikawa

≪神奈川県横浜市泉区  堀川邦昭≫[Kuniaki Horikawa:Kanagawa Japan]

Masaaki Nagase

[Masaaki Nagase,Kawasaki-City,Japan]

Makoto Adachi

≪滋賀県  大津市  安達  誠≫[Makoto Adachi:Siga Japan]

Tutomu Ishibashi

(Tutomu-Ishibashi Kanagawa-P Japan)
≪神奈川県  相模原市  石橋力≫

Teruaki Kumamori

≪大阪府堺市 熊森照明≫[Teruaki Kumamori:Ohsaka Japan]

Mizuho Kuroda

≪黒田瑞穂 : 兵庫県 太子町≫[Mizuho Kuroda : Taishi Hyogo Japan]

Kazuo Sasaki

[K.Sasaki:Ohsaki-City Miyagi-Prefecture Japan]
≪宮城県大崎市  佐々木一男≫

Tatsushi Nishioka

<<神奈川県  藤沢市  西岡達志>>[Tatsushi Nishioka. Fujisawa-city,Kanagawa,Japan]

Tomio Akutsu

≪茨城県 : 阿久津富夫≫

Satoshi Ito

≪愛知県  春日井市  伊藤了史≫[Satoshi Ito. Kasugai City,Aichi,Japan]

Michel Jacquesson

[Michel Jacquesson : Sevigny-Waleppe (Ardennes) France]

Marc Delcroix

[Marc Delcroix  Tournefeuille,France]

Hiroyuki Oyamada

≪東京都  多摩市 小山田博之≫
[Hiroyuki Oyamada : Takasaki Gumma Japan]

Niall MacNeill
I am trying this email from my Windows PC,rather than the Mac I normally use and inserting PNG images rather than JPEGS. John Rogers please confirm this works for you.
I inserted as pictures here,not attachments

These are IR 642nm BP and RGB images for May 29th at the same timestamp with the GRS at the Central Meridian,under good seeing conditions.
There is good detail of the GRS,which seems to have distensions on both the p and f sides,although the f side one looks more irregular.

Interestingly my Methane Band image for this day is before both Andy’s and Clyde’s
and the spot that is now Methane Bright in Clyde’s images was clearly dark in my image
which was captured 17h 25mins before Andy’s and 28h 14mins before Clyde’s so ~ 3 planetary rotations.
It was also there as a dark spot in my image of the 27th.

[Niall MacNeill : Wattle Flat,NSW,Australia]

Seiichi Kanno

≪山形県上山市  菅野清一≫[Seiichi Kanno:Yamagata Japan]

Christofer Mauricio Baez Jimenez

[Christofer Mauricio Baez Jimenez :Santo Domingo,Dominican Republic.]

Vlamir da Silva Junior
NEB is very turbulent here. Interesting structures on SEBs.
A1,A2 and A3 are respectively visible on SSTB,from preceding to the following side.
Long,thin festoons into the EZ. Note how dark is the NTBn on this area. NNTB segmented into dark areas.

[Vlamir da Silva Junior : Sao Paulo,Brazil]

Kimikazu Ozaki

[Ki.Ozaki,Sobue Inazawa Aichi JAPAN]
≪愛知県稲沢市祖父江町  尾崎公一≫

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