Jupiter 10/05 GRS and Oval BA by G.Orton

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Jupiter 10/05 GRS and Oval BA by G.Orton

Jupiter 10/05 GRS and Oval BA by G.Orton
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Seeing was variable this evening with a period of good seeing.  I finally had a clear night.  
I also tested a new methane band filter which comes with the QHY462C camera.  
This filter has a 10nm bandpass vs the 16nm bandpass of the Chroma filter that I had been using.

The NTB is now forming a dark red band from the tail of the outbreak.  
This can be seen in the region above the GRS.  Note the huge bright red feature on the NNTZ.  What is this?  The NEB is very chaotic as it interacts with the wake of the NTB Outbreak.

The GRS is well resolved.  There seems to be a small spot on the west side inside the GRS.  
Is the chimney above the GRS close?  In the methane band image it looks open but the RGB image it seems to be blocked.  Oval BA is still mostly white with some features resolved inside.  
The volcanic moon Io can be seen transiting over the EZn on the last image.  Note that the EZ has a very strong ochre hue
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--- Answer ---
 I think the red band is showing up as a warm region at 5.1 microns in this (very stretched) image at 0.7-0.9h resolution from the IRTF on Sunday morning UT. 
 Time and  c.m. L3 are in the file name: the file is just a screen shot and enhanced by a fractional power of 0.5 (square root) to see many of the details.  
(You can also see DS7/Clydefs spot toward the g4-ofclockh position on the lower right as a warm region).  - Glenn

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