Flake(Jupiter 19 April 2021 by N.MacNeill

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Flake by N.MacNeill

Flake by N.MacNeill
That is most interesting and your captures are excellent as usual. I think your image is higher in resolution.

This is a screenshot side by side comparison, mine at left, yours at right.  
The GRS has changed shape and seems more compressed in the east-west direction. 
It also seems to have bulged to the north. 
Some rotation is evident with the darker spot at 4pm in my image having moved to ~ 2pm in yours. 
The dark red northern periphery of the GRS can also be seen to have rotated and the brighter area above it in the RSH has moved with it.

It is a bit difficult to make out what has happened to the flake. 
It seems to have swung out against the darker periphery of the RSH to the south. 
In my image there is a thin light coloured area of the RSH below the GRS, which is substantially reduced in your image.

[Niall MacNeill : Wattle Flat,NSW,Australia]

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