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Jupiter Image 2021/09/27(UT)
石橋力,鈴木邦彦,三品利郎,青木和夫,森田光治,荒川 毅,佐々木一男,堀川邦昭,宮原正育,安達 誠,井上 修,堀井恵策,米山誠一,高尾幸弘,熊森照明,伊藤了史,西岡達志,尾崎公一
Lucas Magalhaes Teixeira Gon,Gary Walker,Christopher Go,Guilherme Grassmann,Lucca Schwingel Viola,Massimo Bianchi,Javier Beltran Jovani,Andy Casely,Guan.Zhong Wang,John Rozakis,Jose Luis Pereira,George Lamy,John Kazanas,Clyde Foster,Michael Wong,Niall MacNeill,Jean-Luc Dauvergne,Manos Kardasis,Efrain Morales Rivera,Michel Jacques Jacquesson,Avani Soares,Vlamir da Silva Junior
T.Ishibashi,K.Suzuki,T.Mishina,L.Magalhaes,K.Aoki,M.Morita,T.Arakawa,G.Walker,Christopher Go,K.Sasaki,G.Grassmann,L.S.Viola,K.Horikawa,M.Miyahara,M.Adachi,M.Bianchi,O.Inoue,K.Horii,S.Yoneyama,Javier,A.Casely,Y.Takao,T.Kumamori,S.Ito,G.Z.Wang,J.Rozakis,J.Luis,G.Lamy,J.Kazanas,T.Nishioka,C.Foster,M.Wong,N.MacNeill,K.Ozaki,JL Dauvergne,Kardasis,E.Morales,Michel.J,A.Soares,V.da Silva Jr.

Tutomu Ishibashi

(Tutomu-Ishibashi Kanagawa-P Japan)
≪神奈川県  相模原市  石橋力≫

Kunihiko Suzuki

[Kunihiko Suzuki : Yokohama-city Kanagawa-Prefecture Japan]
≪神奈川県  横浜市  鈴木邦彦≫


≪神奈川県  横浜市  三品利郎≫[Toshirou.Mishina:Kanagawa Japan]

Lucas Magalhaes Teixeira Goncalves

[Lucas Magalhaes Teixeira Goncalves :Sao Bernardo do Campo,SP,Brazil]

Kazuo Aoki

[青木和夫:東京都世田谷区][Kazuo Aoki:Tokyo Japan]

Mitsuji Morita

≪滋賀県守山市  森田光治≫[Mitsuji Morita:Siga Japan]

Tsuyoshi Arakawa

≪奈良県奈良市  荒川 毅≫[Tsuyoshi Arakawa:Nara Japan]

Gary Walker
Under good conditions,GRS well placed near CM. Io is nearing eclipse in the methane image.

[Gary Walker:Georgia:USA]

Christopher Go
Condition was terrible today due to Typhoon Mindulle which is over the Pacific Ocean and enhancing the monsoon.

Today we have Ganymede transiting Jupiter and very close to the GRS!
The "chimney" above the GRS is now close again.  The wake of the GRS shows an active outbreak.
On the STB,note the bright wavy feature that leads to the remnant of the 2nd STB Outbreak.
This remnant appears to have an orange tinge.

[Christopher Go : Cebu Philippines]

Kazuo Sasaki

[K.Sasaki:Ohsaki-City Miyagi-Prefecture Japan]
≪宮城県大崎市  佐々木一男≫

Guilherme Grassmann

[Guilherme Grassmann,Americana-San Paulo,Brasil]

Lucca Schwingel Viola

[Lucca Schwingel Viola : Matupa Brazil]

Kuniaki Horikawa

≪神奈川県横浜市泉区  堀川邦昭≫[Kuniaki Horikawa:Kanagawa Japan]

Miyahara Masayasu

<<北海道札幌市  宮原正育>>[Miyahara Masayasu. Sapporo,Hokkaido,Japan]

Makoto Adachi







≪滋賀県  大津市  安達  誠≫[Makoto Adachi:Siga Japan]

Massimo Bianchi

[Massimo Bianchi : Milan,Italy]

Osamu Inoue

≪大阪府  枚方市  井上  修≫[Osamu Inoue. Hirakata-shi,Osaka,Japan]

Keisaku Horii

≪兵庫県姫路市  堀井恵策≫[Keisaku Horii : Himeji Hyougo Japan]

Seiichi Yoneyama

≪神奈川県横浜市  米山誠一≫[Seiichi Yoneyama:Kanagawa Japan]

Javier Beltran Jovani

[Javier Beltran Jovani:Castellon-Spain]

Andy Casely
Here’s a set from Monday night in good conditions,covering CH4,IR850,IR642,RGB,
UV wavelengths,covering the region just preceding the GRS and including the recent STB outbreak.
Conditions were occasionally excellent,and the first RGB & CH4 came out very nicely indeed.
The new outbreak has lost structure in CH4,becoming part of a long knotted line stretching back past the RGB and ahead of the outbreak site.
The RGB shows a fairly compact region for the outbreak with a couple of additional nearby spots,extending to the upper right in IR.
There are two tiny bright outbreaks on the NEB,below a complex patch on the STBs at the end of the long dark segment.
The preceding of the two NEBs outbreaks is invisible in the first IR (geometry,or is it brand new?),
the following has a nice swirl around it in RGB.
In CH4,there is a narrow dark strand connecting the two outbreak locations,though neither is bright in CH4.
The SEBn is very turbulent in this region just p. the GRS. A bright NEBn AWO is on the meridian in the first RGB.
The first IR highlights the very prominent ring of the NNTB LRS,while SPR LRS-1 is transiting.
The GRS is very clean in the CH4,with a solid asymmetric inner region.
The last RGB was basically taken through clouds!
Clear skies,

[Andy Casely,Sydney,Australiaa]

Yukihiro Takao

<<北海道札幌市  高尾幸弘>>[Yukihiro Takao.Sapporo-city,Hokkaido,Japan]

Teruaki Kumamori

≪大阪府堺市 熊森照明≫[Teruaki Kumamori:Ohsaka Japan]

Satoshi Ito
1枚目(11:04.9 UT)のガニメデは別処理後の合成です

≪愛知県  春日井市  伊藤了史≫[Satoshi Ito. Kasugai City,Aichi,Japan]

Guan.Zhong Wang

[Guan.Zhong Wang : Taichung,Taiwan]

John Rozakis

[John Rozakis,Athens Greece]

Jose Luis Pereira
Newtonian Telescope 275mm f/5.3 + QHY5III462C + Powermate Televue 5x + IRUV Cut filter.

[Jose Luis Pereira :Sao Caetano do Sul/Sao Paulo/Brasil]

George Lamy

[George Lamy,springfield,louisiana,USA]

John Kazanas
Please find images of Jupiter from Sept 26th and Sept 27th,2021 in good seeing.
Some interesting and intricate detail in the NNTeB and NNTeZ areas.

[John Kazanas,Melbourne Australia]

Tatsushi Nishioka

<<神奈川県  藤沢市  西岡達志>>[Tatsushi Nishioka. Fujisawa-city,Kanagawa,Japan]

Clyde Foster
Low-res image set from two evenings back,under poor conditions.
Oval BA was setting at lower right and Ganymede's shadow was in transit.

[Clyde Foster:Centurion,South Africa]

Michael Wong

[Michael Wong,Hong Kong,China]

Niall MacNeill
I had surprisingly clear skies on the 27th of September,given the forecast,and fair to good seeing.
A transit of Ganymede was in progress and reasonable detail of its anti-Jovian hemisphere was resolved.

I made RGB and IR 642nm BP captures using the ZWO ASI 174MM with a 3X Barlow.
I then went over to the ZWO ASI 462MC,at Prime Focus for a widefield capture of Jupiter,
again with Ganymede in transit and Io at left and Europa at right.

I presume the elongated blue-green on the north side of the RSH on the p side of the GRS is a smeared out ring having entered from the SEB.
It can also be seen in the more grainy image from the OSC wide field capture and I include a zoomed in comparison with the RGB image.

I made two CH4 captures,the first at Prime Focus,where the image scale is 0.15 arc secs per pixel,
and the second with the 2X Barlow with an image scale of 0.06 arc secs per pixel.
The quality of the image at Prime Focus is far superior to that with the Barlow.

[Niall MacNeill : Wattle Flat,NSW,Australia]

Kimikazu Ozaki

[Ki.Ozaki,Sobue Inazawa Aichi JAPAN]
≪愛知県稲沢市祖父江町  尾崎公一≫

Jean-Luc Dauvergne

[Jean-Luc Dauvergne:Paris France]

Manos Kardasis

[Manos Kardasis,Glyfada-Athens;Greece]
《カーダシス マノス:ギリシャ アテネ》

Efrain Morales Rivera

[Efrain Morales Rivera  Aguadilla:Puerto Rico]

Michel Jacquesson

[Michel Jacquesson : Sevigny-Waleppe (Ardennes) France]

Avani Soares

[ Observatory Parsec,City Canoas,Brazil]

Vlamir da Silva Junior

[Vlamir da Silva Junior : Sao Paulo,Brazil]

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