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Jupiter Image 2019/05/23(UT)
鈴木邦彦,佐々木一男,石橋力,宮原正育,長瀬雅明,堀川邦昭,阿久津富夫,吉田知之,山根 悟,安達 誠
Clyde Foster,Javier Fuertes,Niall MacNeill,Joaquin Camarena,Willian Souza,Christopher Go,Anthony Wesley,Jean-Luc Dauvergne,Darren Ellemor,Vlamir da Silva Junior,Michel Jacquesson,Paul G. Abel,Guilherme Grassmann,George Lamy,Michael Wong,Andy Casely,Manos Kardasis,Bernard BAYLE
C.Foster,J.Fuertes,N.MacNeill,J.Camarena,K.Suzuki,W.Souza,Christopher Go,Anthony.W,K.Sasaki,T.Ishibashi,M.Miyahara,JL Dauvergne,D.Ellemor,M.Nagase,V.da Silva Jr.,K.Horikawa,Michel.J,P.Abel,G.Grassmann,G.Lamy,T.Akutsu,M.Wong,A.Casely,T.Yoshida,Kardasis,B.Bayle,S.Yamane,M.Adachi

Clyde Foster
A first set of images from a lengthy session this morning attempting to monitor the huge flake that is peeling off the preceding edge of the GRS.
Conditions turned out well,despite projected Jetstream.
I hope to send through further images in due course.

A second RGB and  IR from this morning. Conditions appeared to be even better than the first image.
I need to revisit the processing when I am not as tired,as I feel I have overpushed the processing.
The data looked pretty decent. Still more data to come,but going to have a sleep first!

Unfortunately I had a severe deterioration in seeing conditions for the evening session last night.
Under normal conditions I would probably have written off the session,but given what is happening,
I tried to get out what I could. The RGB is heavily derotated.

Catching up,with the third RGB from my early morning session of yesterday,23 May,under really good seeing conditions.
It is not often you get over 2hrs of consistently good seeing,and off course the timing was perfect to catch the new GRS developments.
I have again kept the processing "gentle"

[Clyde Foster:Centurion,South Africa]

Javier Fuertes
2019/05/23 00:32,4(UT)
CMI=351,2 CMII=295,5 CMIII=260,9

[Javier Fuertes  Leon,Spain]

Niall MacNeill
This image shows the huge calving event that was highlighted yesterday by Anthony Wesley.
There is a peculiar greenish hue in my image just to the right of this streamer.
The Red Spot Hollow is being hugely disrupted by all this activity

Although the seeing was poor due to the low altitude of Jupiter ~ 30 degrees,
I post this image to document the progress of the streamer departing the GRS.
It has extended further into the South Tropical Zone (StrZ) since I imaged it the evening before.

[Niall MacNeill : Wattle Flat,NSW,Australia]

Joaquin Camarena

[Joaquin Camarena:Spain]

Kunihiko Suzuki

[Kunihiko Suzuki : Yokohama-city Kanagawa-Prefecture Japan]
≪神奈川県  横浜市  鈴木邦彦≫

Willian Souza

[Willian Souza : Sao Paulo,Brazil]

Christopher Go
The sky was very hazy today.  Seeing was good but transparency was poor.
Oval BA is rising on the left.  Note the bluish features on the p side of Oval BA.
The SEBs show small ovals lining up.  The mid-SEB is very pale.  The EZ has a strong ochre color.
Io is on the NEBn with it's shadow preceding it.  Close to the south pole,there is a dark wavy dark line.

[Christopher Go : Cebu Philippines]

Anthony Wesley
Hi all,here's my best attempt at imaging the GRS last night,jupiter
was so low that it was in a tree at my location :-( However the IR saved
the day and at least gives me something useful to contribute.

[Anthony Wesley,Murrumbateman Australia]
≪アンソニ  オーストラリア≫

Kazuo Sasaki

[K.Sasaki:Ohsaki-City Miyagi-Prefecture Japan]
≪宮城県大崎市  佐々木一男≫


(Tutomu-Ishibashi Kanagawa-P Japan)
≪神奈川県  相模原市  石橋力≫

Miyahara Masayasu

<<北海道札幌市  宮原正育>>[Miyahara Masayasu. Sapporo,Hokkaido,Japan]

Jean-Luc Dauvergne
Here is my last image of Jupiter from Paris. It was only 16,5 over the horizon,but the seeing was anormaly good :
It's the first time that I've good condition since I pourchased the Mewlon 250 last october.

[Jean-Luc Dauvergne:Paris France]

Darren Ellemor
This represents 10 x 90s captures de-rotated in WinJUPOS.
The large "blade" reported by others appears to be thinning,perhaps as that material merges back into the GRS?
The tail end of the orange blade appears to coincide with an eddy of the dark brown cloud material currently encircling the GRS,
and the band of dark brown cloud is almost on the verge of completely circling back on itself - material on the return journey along the STZ appears to be thinning as well.
Additionally,the brighter,white eddies in the wake of the GRS are increasingly complex and virtually none of the brown cloud band is rejoining the SEB.

[Darren Ellemor : Singapore]

Masaaki Nagase

[Masaaki Nagase,Kawasaki-City,Japan]

Vlamir da Silva Junior

[Vlamir da Silva Junior : Sao Paulo,Brazil]

Kuniaki Horikawa

≪神奈川県横浜市泉区  堀川邦昭≫[Kuniaki Horikawa:Kanagawa Japan]

Michel Jacquesson

[Michel Jacquesson : Sevigny-Waleppe (Ardennes) France]

Paul G. Abel
Attached is an observation of Jupiter I made with Dr Hugh Sasse using the University of Leicester's 20 inch Planewave D-K telescope.
Some very interesting developments in the GRS:

- The GRS was clearly distorted on the prec. side-  The RSH is no longer white and seems to be filled with darker material.  
I had the impression that the spot was also interacting with material from the STB but I am not certain of this. - There seems to be a dark belt in the STropZ (is this a STropB?) which is interacting or at least progresses up to the GRS at this longitude. - EZ is still rather dark and a number of blue festoons were apparent. - NEB very active. I studied the GRS further at x230 with a W#80A filter from 0121 UT to 0128UT and obtained a strip drawing the GRS and its environment,
alas due to the poor seeing by that point it doesn't show any more than the disk drawing here. Looks like this will be an interesting Jupiter apparition! [Paul G. Abel:Leicester:United Kingdom]

Guilherme Grassmann

[Guilherme Grassmann,Americana-San Paulo,Brasil]

George Lamy

[George Lamy,springfield,louisiana,USA]

Tomio Akutsu

≪茨城県 : 阿久津富夫≫

Michael Wong

[Michael Wong,Hong Kong,China]

Andy Casely
Another good view of the big flake peeling off the p. side of the GRS. A pale covering appears on the NW side of the GRS in RGB.

[Andy Casely,Sydney,Australiaa]

Tomoyuki Yoshida

[吉田知之 Tomoyuki Yoshida:Utsunomiya,Tochigi,Japan]

Manos Kardasis

[Manos Kardasis,Glyfada-Athens;Greece]
《カーダシス マノス:ギリシャ アテネ》

Bernard BAYLE

[Bernard BAYLE : Carnac,France]

Satoru Yamane
- SEBnが暗班の列のように見えます。
- BAの後方が全体に薄暗くなっている?
- NEBあたりの緯度にイオの影と本体が写っています。

≪静岡県富士宮市  山根 悟≫[Satoru Yamane : Fujinomiya-City Shizuoka-Pref. Japan]

Makoto Adachi

≪滋賀県  大津市  安達  誠≫[Makoto Adachi:Siga Japan]

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